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Calallen ISD is excited to connect, engage and share with families through an exciting communications tool, Livingtree. Livingtree can simplify communication and coordination between all the people participating in your children’s daily development. It’s a network created by parents for parents. 

Livingtree’s private, ‘social-like’ network is designed to simplify school-to-family and family-to-school communication using a single application available on web and mobile (iPhone and Android). The network enables educators and parents to share posts, alerts, files, events and content, while allowing users to volunteer for activities, send and receive private direct messages and access directory listings. In addition, LivingTree offers translation of messages to more than 40 languages.

For more information please contact your child's campus. 

We hope that you enjoy staying connected with your child’s class through Livingtree. 

By logging into this application, you are agreeing to the acceptable use policy set in place by Calallen ISD. This is a positive environment provided by the district. Please be responsible and respectful of all users at all times in regards to this environment. Users are expected to follow the rules set out below. If at any time a user does not comply with the rules, they can be denied use of the portal.

  • Respect the privacy and security of others.
  • The Parent Portal (Livingtree) will be used in a responsible, positive, efficient, ethical, and legal manner.
  • Users will only use the parent portal (Livingtree) for authorized school functions and activities.
  • Appropriate language (no profanity, non-threatening) will be used in all communications.


Helpful Documentation

Living Tree Poster

Parent Quick Start Guide

Parent Quick Start Guide - Spanish

Parent Quick Start Guide - Using Email

Parent Quick Start Guide - Using Group Code

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