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Strategic Planning News


Calallen ISD “Transforming the Vision: 2020” is a strategic design project that requires involvement from the entire community to build a revised educational foundation for the betterment of our children. This rethinking of how our approximately 4,000 students learn will include, but is not limited to—advanced technology, teaching strategies, and teaching philosophies—leading to a shared Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Action Steps.

Calallen Independent School District’s “Transforming the Vision: 2020” initiative stems from one question: How do we move instruction for our students in the next 6 or more years? The last time the district asked that question to form a strategic plan, George W. Bush was in office. Much has changed since the early 1990s, including how our students consume information. 
Every year, technology advances by leaps and bounds. Most first graders were born the same year the first generation iPhone was released to the public—and many could operate one before pre-kindergarten. This change in how youth relates to their environment has changed the way they learn in the classroom and it is up to education leaders to evolve with these changing times.

The four month process began on January 9, 2014 with two Community Summits which were attended by approximately 150 individuals. In February, the district will continue to involve the community in two strategic design team sessions. The process timeline is separated into several key steps. 

  • Engage and Collaborate: CISD invited students, parents, employees and community members to attend one of two community forums in January to begin the conversation regarding the initiative. An online survey will be made available for feedback.
  • Design: A strategic design team of staff, parents, students, and community members will work to design a framework for decisions that will focus district resources and systems.
  • Create: Action Team Leaders will dedicate their time in creating action plans aligned to the New CISD Vision and House Bill 5 components.
  • Lead: CISD Administrators will lead implementation with clear timelines and alignment to district/state objectives.

Board of Trustees PowerPoint Presentation - March 10, 2014




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