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Calallen Charter High School

Calallen Charter High School (CCHS)was founded in 2015 using a grant from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Originally, the purpose of CCHS was to provide college level courses or technical skill training at no cost to students. Today CCHS is available to students interested in pursuing dual credit classes in pursuit of a college degree, still at no cost to the student.  Our goal is to ensure every student who attends CCHS is ready for the journey in college after high school. Current sophomores and juniors Calallen ISD students and students from surrounding school districts within a 50 mile radius of Calallen ISD are eligible to apply. However, any student who is accepted and enrolls at CCHS, will be a Calallen ISD student.  First priority will be given to students that are economically disadvantaged; additional priority status will be given to those that are first-generation college students.  The application process requires a completed application, End of Course (EOC) scores, high school transcripts, and an interview. Due to dual credit schedules, applications need to be turned in as soon as possible. Space is limited to 40 total students, so apply NOW. 

Most students will take two or three dual credit courses at the CCHS campus or Del Mar College Northwest Center and the remainder of their classes will be at Calallen High School.  Students interested in attending this new campus will need to apply for admittance.  The application can be accessed at by clicking here.  Or, students may obtain the application by emailing Lori Cooley, Administrative Assistant or Larissa Duke, Director of Calallen Charter High School at

Students entering from other districts must provide their own transportation to a designated location at Calallen High School.  They will be bussed to CCHS.  The CCHS course catalog may be accessed on the CISD website:

Here are the advantages of enrolling in CCHS:

·     Up to two years of free tuition for college credit courses (including Del Mar College and Texas A&M University Kingsville)

·     No college course fees

·     No book or software fees

·     AVID training to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college

·     Free usage of an electronic device during enrollment in CCHS

Course Offerings


Please feel free to call me or email me if you have any questions. 
Thank you.

Larissa Duke
Director of Calallen Charter High School 

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