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Calallen ISD
4205 Wildcat Drive
Corpus Christi, TX. 78410
Phone: (361) 242-5600
Fax: (361) 242-5620


  • GOAL 1 - To hold high expectations for all Calallen Independent School District students that are demonstrated through a variety of achievement measures.
  • GOAL 2 - To provide a safe, positive learning environment.
  • GOAL 3 - To provide quality learning opportunities for all students.
  • GOAL 4 - To provide quality learning opportunities for all faculty.
  • GOAL 5 - To maintain high standards through an evaluation of all programs and services that assures continuous improvement for Calallen Independent School District.
  • GOAL 6 - To promote a strong partnership between parents, community members, and Calallen Independent School District schools that results in shared responsibility and commitment for a quality educational system.

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