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The goal of the CISD Technology Department is to support existing technology, to promote information technology learning for staff and students and to provide new, efficient and useful tools to further the education and management of our students.




What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is essentially a computer that runs on a Google web-based Chrome operating system (OS).  In the past computers primarily ran on either a Microsoft Windows, Mac or Linux operating system.  A big difference between the other operating systems and the Chrome OS is that the Chrome OS is dependent on connecting to the internet and running web applications. 
Chromebooks have been around for several years, but it’s only been within the last couple of years that developers have started focusing on using the Chrome OS in a k-12 environment.  With the numerous web applications that are now available for k-12, a Chromebook can be a useful tool in the classroom.


Calallen ISD Tablets



Information Systems:

 Management of voice, computer, video surveillance, and network operations for the district.


Instructional Technology:

The mission of the Instructional Technology team is to prepare instructional staff to integrate technology into the curriculum and promote a student-learning environment that assists and encourages technological skills.


Current Technology Trends

  • Electronic grades, attendance, forms and communication to parents and stake holders in our rising generation's development.
  • Bring Your Own Technology to facilitate anytime/anywhere learning
  • Staff development to promote 21 Century skills and learning
  • Reduction of cost and waste to enable a more efficient use of tax payer funds
  • Integration of mobile and interactive whiteboard devices in the classrooms
  • Creation and implementation of online courses and professional development trainings using content management systems and video conferencing units


Technology Plan, Policies and Procedures / Technology Documents



Director of Technology:  Administrative Assistant
Kevin Beatty
 Kayla Mann
Technolgy Department  Address:
Mailing Address Physical Address  
Calallen ISD
Technology Department
4205 Wildcat Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78410-5108
4602 Cornett Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78410
Phone: 361-242-5958
Fax: 361-242-5960

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